We are very fortunate at St. Mary’s to have excellent access to Digital Technologies. Our school is equipped with two computer rooms which are regularly used for classwork. In addition, we have recently acquired 30 Microsoft Surface Go devices for student use. These are stored in a portable charging trolley which can be booked by teachers and brought to any classroom in the school for student use. We are currently in the process of updating all the computers in classrooms during this academic year 2019\2020. This shows the commitment our school has to the use of Digital Technology.


Digital Strategy

Our school is committed to implementing the Digital Learning Framework for Post Primary Schools. We have a Digital Learning Plan and a dedicated Digital Strategy Team of teachers who regularly attend continuous professional development courses. Teachers are taking part in the Digital Community of Practices cluster groups that were established in 2019 by the PDST. This emphasises our dedication to embedding digital technologies in our classrooms while still maintaining the use of textbooks giving students the best of both worlds.



All students are provided with a school gmail account through which they can create a digital portfolio of their work. Their documents etc. can be stored on their Google Drive. They can also access Google Classroom which is used by teachers to communicate with students, set assignments and share resources.

As already stated Digital Technology is widely used in all classes. Students use digital technology in the following ways:

  • Research
  • Project work
  • Revision quizzes
  • Problem solving
  • Presentations
  • Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s)
  • Music Technology
  • Word Processing and spreadsheets
  • Preparation of CV’s
  • Assessments
  • Film making and editing
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs
  • Portfolio work


In addition, First, Second and Transition Year students study coding – an in demand skill in the modern world.



Useful Websites for Students – resources and information on internet safety – online Ordnance Survey maps -resources for Junior and Senior Cycle French – RTE archives website for schools – videos, games etc. for Junior Cycle Science – a search engine for students with education linked results – online quizzes for revision etc. – quizzes etc. for revision – app to learn any language – videos, games, quizzes etc. for most subjects


Online Safety

Students in St. Mary’s are taught how to be responsible and safe users of digital technology. Online safety is covered in a number of ways:

  • SPHE class
  • Coding class
  • Peer education (McAfee Internet Safety see below)
  • Regular guest speakers
  • Parent Information evenings
  • Safer Internet Day


Useful Websites for Parents – resources and information on internet safety – information on state exams