Here in St Mary’s we aim to inspire students to take an interest in the basic physical systems that affect their life. The study of Geography enables students to explore the world around them with an informed perspective 
We aim to understand the geography of past times and how geography has played important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places and environments.Geography can help us to be more conscious-minded about the world around us and make the earth a more liveable one. 
Studying Geography in St. Mary’s
All students study Geography at Junior Cycle. There are three strands to be studied at Junior Cycle:
Strand 1 – Exploring the Physical World
Strand 2 – Exploring how we interact with the Physical World
Strand 3 – Exploring People, Place and Change
Transition Year Geography
All Transition Year students study a Geography module. Topics covered include Global Citizenship Education, Environmental Issues, Land Use, Urban Planning and Natural Disasters. 
Senior Cycle Geography
Geography is an optional subject at Leaving Cert Level. Students will study the following units:
Core Unit 1 – Physical Geography
Core Unit 2 – Regional Geography
Core Unit 3 – Geographical Skills and Fieldwork
Elective Unit 5 – Human Environment 
Optional Unit 7 – Geoecology (higher level only)
We believe in putting students at the centre of the learning process and immersing themselves in real life tasks and fieldwork. The practical element of the course enables the students to put the knowledge they have learned into use.
The Sustainable Development Goals have an underlying influence on our geographical vision. Students are encouraged to appreciate Earth as the homeland of humankind and provide insight for wise management decisions about how the Earth’s resources should be utilised.We work with Worldwise Global schools to help our students become active, engaged and responsible citizens.