Our aim is to encourage the student’s appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics which might also contribute to the personal development of the students. We encourage the students to present logical arguments, while furthering their powers of communication. 

Junior Cycle Mathematics aims to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, for life and for work to develop the skills of dealing with mathematical concepts in context and applications, as well as in solving problems to foster a positive attitude to mathematics in the learner.

Leaving Certificate Mathematics aims to develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, life and work. By teaching mathematics in contexts that allow learners to see connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and its applications to real life, it is envisaged that learners will develop a flexible, disciplined way of thinking and the enthusiasm to search for creative solutions.
We aim to give students sufficient opportunity to discover and learn actively.

Some of the  objectives of Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Mathematics are to:
  • To understand ordering and progression
  • To develop mathematical skills for calculations, with a view to problem solving
  • To become familiar and fluent with mathematical language, key words, to recognize math symbols and to use as appropriate
  • To know “the why” involved in the mathematical processes we do and teach.
  • To know how these mathematical processes are used to solve 
  • To develop analytical and creative powers in mathematics
  • To recognize maths in everyday life
For more information on Junior Cycle Mathematics please click on the link below;
Welcome to Junior Cycle Mathematics
For information on Senior Cycle Mathematics please click on the link below;
NCCA Curriculum Online Mathematics
The maths department organises and encourages as many students as possible to participate in a number of Maths events run by the IMTA. In 1st year all our students compete in the IMTA Irish Junior Maths Competition. This is a national competition for 1st Year students and the highest scoring students from round 1 are invited to participate in one of a number of regional finals held throughout the country.

Maths Week
Each year we get involved in the national Maths Week event. Maths Week 2020 was the most successful year to date for St. Mary’s as we were picked to be one of the schools to participate in the live sessions during maths week. Below is a link to watch our TY class of 2021 participating in a problem solving lesson!
Puzzling Surprises with Rob Eastaway
Maths Trail for  MathsWeek 2020