Physical Education (PE)

Our aim is to 

  • provide the opportunity for students to develop personally, socially, and physically through participation in physical activities in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment 
  • to reinforce and further develop the physical education knowledge. 
  • prepare students for the requirements of further programmes of study, of employment, or of life outside full-time education
  • provide an opportunity for students to critically reflect on physical activity through participation in a broad, well-balanced programme
  • develop in students an ability to make informed judgements in respect of physical activity 
  • encourage an appreciation of physical activity and of the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • promote positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity and towards co-operation with others in that participation 
  • enable students to take responsibility for the organisation and development of their learning within the framework provided.

Junior Cycle

Our Junior Cycle students follow the Junior Cycle PE curriculum and cover a broad range of activities. 

Our programme applies a holistic approach and it recognises the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of human movement, and emphasises the contribution of physical activity to the promotion of individual and group wellbeing. 

Transition Year PE Programme: 

Following on from JC we aim to strengthen and develop our aims and experiences. 

We cover a number of different modules including, aquatics including life saving, outdoor module, Dance/Zumba etc..

Also included in the programme is a 3 day trip to the Burren Outdoor Education Centre. 

Senior Cycle:

Like the Transition Year programme our aim is to build on what has been learned in Junior Cycle. 

5th Year classes are timetable for last two periods in the day to allow for activities to run outside of school hours. 

During lockdown the PE Department created a padlet for students to encourage them to keep active. 

Below is the link: