WorldWise Global Schools

What is Global Citizenship Education (GCE)?

  • GCE helps students to better understand the world we live in and how to take action to change it as informed global citizens.

  • It equips students with the knowledge, skills and values to act in an ethical and sustainable way.

GCE in the Curriculum

GCE is taught in a number of subject areas:

  • CSPE

  • SPHE

  • Religion

  • Science

  • Geography

  • English

  • History

  • Business

Transition Year

  • GCE is a big part of our Transition Year programme.

  • GCE themes dominate our history and geography classes in TY.

  • TY students have been working on reducing the amount of plastic we use in St. Mary’s.

  • This year TY students have completed projects based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Students also took part in an online workshop with Alex from Global Action Plan on Climate Action.

  • In addition, students do a Young Social Innovators module and take part in the Concern Debates.

  • Students are encouraged to enter national competitions with GCE themes including YSI, SEAI One Good Idea, Eco-Unesco One Good Idea and the Story of My Stuff.