Student Support Team

Our Purpose

A student support team is a student-focused mechanism put in place by a school in order to:
  • co-ordinate the support available for students in the school
  • facilitate links to the community and other non-school support services
  • enable students with support needs to continue to access a full education
  • assist staff to manage those students effectively
  • ensure new staff members are briefed about policies and procedures relating to student wellbeing and support
  • advise school management on the development and review of effective student support policies and structures.

Ms Lillian Waters

Year Head for First Year

Ms Margaret Noonan

Junior School Year Head

Ms Martina O’Dwyer

Year Head for Transition Year

Ms Marion Tuohy

Senior School Year Head

Ms Breeda Mulcahy

Junior School Year Head

Ms Anna Marie O’Keeffe

Guidance Counsellor