In all St. Mary’s Charleville has won 31 All-Ireland A titles in camogie.

These comprise of:

7        All-Ireland Senior A titles

9        All-Ireland Junior A titles

15      All-Ireland 7s A titles

St. Mary’s Charleville, are relatively speaking newcomers to Camogie. It was not until 1983 that the school entered colleges’ competitions and played their first competitive camogie match.

Success such as this can be attributed to a number of factors. St. Mary’s are blessed in that they have their own playing field situated adjacent to the school. This enables the player’s from 1st to 3rd year to play and train during lunch hour, weather permitting. This promotes camaraderie and teamwork in the younger players and the bonding achieved translates into superb team spirit at senior level. The Seniors and Juniors both individually train twice weekly after school. An association representing all the clubs involved provides support of a practical nature. The parents not alone encourage their children to play camogie, but they also provide and prepare pitches and supplement funding through flag days.