Transition Year

A Transition Year offers pupils a broad educational experience with a view to attainment of increased maturity after the completion of Junior Cert and before proceeding to the Leaving Cert programme. The programme content for Transition Year is chosen largely with a view to augmenting the Leaving Certificate experience. Pupils are given an opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects thus enabling them to make better choices for their Leaving Certificate. The Programme is designed to cater for the development of pupils in personal and social skills.


  • Irish
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Home Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies
  • French
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Japanese
  • Religious Education
  • History
  • Career Guidance
  • Geography
  • Mini Company
  • Biology
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Computers

This wide range of subjects gives the student a broad education as well as a taste of many of the optional subjects for Leaving Certificate. This will help to make a more informed decision when the choices have to be made.Much of the learning experience will be based on self-directed learning, involving the student in project work, group work, discussion, debate, study visits and field trips. Emphasis is placed on meeting deadlines for completion of projects, reports etc.

An essential aim of the Transition Year Programme is the preparation of the student for life and social competence. In order to achieve this we have timetabled a series of modules. (A module comprises of one and a half hour lesson period for duration of six to ten weeks).


First Aid Programme
Mountain Biking
Grooming and Deportment
Toast Master
Mental Health Issues
Safe Food

Overnight Trips

One of the highlights of the Transition Year has been the 2-day overnight stay. This year’s transitions years travelled to the Burre. This venture cost the students something in the region of €120. It has been considered well worthwhile and students are encouraged to save up for this. 
Every effort is made to keep the costs of the programme to the students to a minimum. Obviously trips and visiting speakers cost money. Insofar as it is possible the school tries to cover most of these expenses. However, transport and overnight stays involve extra expenditure. It is estimated that the overall cost to the student will be between €400 and €500.


Students of Transition Year are assessed on their overall performance and participation during the year. Each student is assigned a personal folder in which they keep records and details of various activities and projects. On completion of assignments teachers give an assessment of work completed. There is an end of year examination on the main academic subjects. In conjunction with this each student will present a portfolio samples of work carried out during the year. Each student is interviewed in relation to this submitted portfolio. This is an integral part of their overall Transition Year Assessment. Extra courses, such as modules, will have been assessed independently and many of these include certification on completion.